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We are currently working with the Arts Council on a new initiative. The ‘ILM Mentoring Scheme’ will promote a spectrum of emerging artists from different genres to new audiences, by giving them and the small independent labels which release them a focused platform at ILM UK events in 2016/17. We have selected four labels with unique emerging artists to feature at ILM events, and will cover costs for these labels to attend our events. All artists involved in the scheme produce exciting work that is experimenting with new techniques or blurring boundaries between art, performance and music. We aim to develop the labels and artists skills in promotion and audience building by including mentoring activities with established independent labels, opportunities to earn income and involvement in creating the press, social media and digital campaigns to promote their presence at the ILM events and releases throughout the year.

The artistic idea behind the activity is that there is a diversity of excellent artists in the independent scene that are not yet reaching large audiences or finding a sustainable way to produce work. We want to help these artists and labels grow and benefit from exposure to interested independent music audiences, via an established music event and online platform.

In the long term, we aim to support, sustain and grow the work of independent artists and labels by offering mentoring, providing platforms for promotion and sales, new revenue streams and strengthening their links to the community of independent labels to allow knowledge exchange.


2016/17 Labels


Discrepant is a gradually evolving kaleidoscopic record label based in London, UK. It emerged in 2011 in order to present a diverse and exotic musical collisions between different cultures and composing methods. Promoting music from South East Asian traditions or more psychedelic and aerial Cédric Stevens’ pieces are good examples of the label’s broad musical ideology. Having chosen a vinyl format as primary and recently started cassette series, Discrepant is progressively becoming a true lighthouse for those who are seeking for exclusivity, story behind the sound and even inspiring weirdness.

The label was founded and is run by Gonçalo F Cardoso, a Portuguese London based sound artist. The aim being to challenge people's conceptions of 'music listening' and dislocating them to geo-specific areas that do not exist.

Blak Hand

Launched in 2014, Liverpool’s Blak Hand Records have championed some of the North West's most exciting new acts and through promoting their music through shows and cassette releases have done more than their fair share to get wider recognition for some bands further afield. 
 Artists who's tracks they've released include: Antelopes, Beach Skulls, TVAM, Hey Bulldog, The Stairs, CAESAR, Strange Collective, The Electric Lazarus, Two Skies, The Watchmakers, Purple Heart Parade, and many more. The Blak Hand team support their artists by handling aspects of the merchandise, photography and other fields of promotion. The genres of music that Blak Hand Records focus on releasing are garage rock and psychedelic tracks that they find have great potential.


Nonclassical was founded in 2004 by composer and producer Gabriel Prokofiev - as both a record label and events promoter. Over the last 12 years, Nonclassical has redefined the classical music experience to reinvigorate the form & broaden its appeal. Breaking out of the traditional concert hall, they have presented over 200 club nights & events, constantly pushing to bring new classical music to new audiences. They currently promote a monthly night at The Victoria in Dalston and produce several large events a year.
Nonclassical showcases groundbreaking composers and performers - a vision of classical music free from its old-fashioned constraints. From radical avant-garde to pop-inspired DIY electronics - to the symphony orchestra. Recent artists have included Klavikon, Juice, Tansy Davies, Gabriel Prokofiev, Mica Levi and Larry Goves, with remixes by artists such as Thom Yorke, Tim Exile, Hot Chip, Samoyed and Murcof.


Squareglass is a Southeast London artist collective and record label, founded by a group of music graduates from Goldsmiths University.
Focusing on electronic music, the collective is a home for emerging, self-produced artists, whose work crosses boundaries between songwriting, DJ practice and sound art.