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What's the inspiration behind your label?

It's based on mutual trust with the bands, without written contracts that will tied them up for life, always trying to help bands.

How did you start your label? 

RUNAWAY Was born on April 24, 1993 as a record store  in Palma (Majorca island) and as a record label in 1999. The first edition was NET WEIGHT "Individual control" under the label PUNKAWAY Records (the Punk label of RUNAWAY)... also editedthings under the name RUNAWAY RECORDS according to the musical style. Since then it has edited more than 50 records like  Dinamo, Marcel Cranc, Cerebros Exprimidos , Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience, Mostros, Rumba Katxai ... also editions for Collectors like a live of Las Vulpes (live show in Majorca 1983) , Skarabajos, Sgt. Pepper's of The Beatles played by Mallorca bands of the 90's, etc ... Preparing for this 2017 a lot of editions (The Satellites, Main Line 10, The Nash, Marcel Cranc...)

Any interesting facts about your label? Does your label have a ‘USP'? 

All the records of RUNAWAY RECORDS & PUNKAWAY RECORDS are bands from mallorca or related to Mallorca. We try to be the link that helps our bands to cross the Mediterranean sea

Where do you go to discover new music?

Live shows & internet, it's more easy now.

What’s your favourite thing about Independent Label Market?

The reunion of small independent labels and its great festive atmosphere

What deals and steals are your bringing to the market?

We will put on sale our references and thousands of references from other independent labels. We also bring collectors records from independent bands (out of print).

You can catch Runaway Records at ILM Barcelona on 18th and 19th March

13 Mar 2017  • Independent Label Market : Barcelona