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What's the inspiration behind your label?

My inspiration for having a record label was other record labels! Factory, Studio One, Curtom, Strata East, Fania, Blue Note, Salsoul - they are the ones that jump out off the top of my head.

How did you start your label?

We started the record label out of a shop. I still have the shop today, it is called Sounds of the Universe and is in Soho, London. The label started two-fold: Finding who owned a popular 70s jazz record in the shop and re-releasing it and also releasing material from a customer who came in the shop and made music. Both were succesfull so I carried on doing pretty much the same for the next 25 years!

Any interesting facts about your label? Does your label have a ‘USP’?

Our USP is that we don’t have a USP! Which weirdly has become our USP. So we release any type of music from any period in time as long as its good - reggae, jazz, latin, rock, acid house, hip-hop, country, Brazilian, Voodoo - you name it.

Where do you go to discover new music?

At the moment I am buying a lot of records from Nigeria. Also Venezuela. I recently bought quite a lot in Kenya.

What’s your favourite thing about Independent Label Market?

Nice atmosphere, nice to meet music lovers and other record labels.

What deals and steals are your bringing to the market?

Soul Jazz Records are like jeans - everyday priced for the common man or woman. So always affordable and quality titles will be on sale a  plenty

Youc an catch Soul Jazz records at ILM Barcelona on 18th and 19th March


16 Mar 2017  • Independent Label Market : Barcelona