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What's the inspiration behind your label?

Discrepant started in 2011 in London and like all good things in life it happened spontaneously and with no aim in mind. I was actively making mixtapes mostly for my friends, but was encouraged to start putting them online, so I started a website/blog type thing. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was approaching artists I respected and admired to ask if they were interested in releasing some music on my new 'label'.

Any interesting facts about your label? Does your label have a ‘USP'?

I had to google USP haha. No, I don't think we have a Unique Selling proposition that differs from other small labels out there.

Where do you go to discover new music?

A mix of traveling and the internet. So much unreleased music out there!

What’s your favourite thing about Independent Label Market?

Being able to reach to people who otherwise wouldn't know about us, as well as hopefully shifting loads of copies so I can clear my cupboard.

What deals and steals are your bringing to the market?

We have two of our brand new titles available, People Like Us and Yannick Dauby, as well as an odd selection of North African & Asian pop 7''!!!

You can catch Discrepant at ILM London this Saturday 1st April! 

Listen to one of Discrepant's artists Live Low on our new weekly Spotify playlist featuring the labels attending our Spring market.