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What's the inspiration behind your label?

Discovering and nurturing exciting new talent

How did you start your label?

Tony [Coleman] and I decided to rebuild something new, following the demise of his Tongue & Groove imprint.
We spent almost a year in the studio, messing around with all sorts of hardware, tempos, and samples;
then trawled our heads and hearts for names, themes, concepts, and artwork ideas.
I drew an H in a circle, and we were out of the blocks.

Any interesting facts about your label? Does your label have a ‘USP'?

Fast Soul Music

Where do you go to discover new music?

The internet. Sadly, the huge network of record shops I grew up with have disappeared.
But one redeeming feature of social media's suffocating presence is the incredible access to all shades of musical goodness.
Also my car; my two daughters have really good taste, and they bring some fresh pop selections to the stereo.

Do you have a favourite record store in South London

West Norwood Book & Record Bar

Where are the best music venues in South London

Brixton Academy, Bussey Building, Studio 338, The Bridge.

What’s your favourite thing about Independent Label Market?

The sense of community and shared struggle amongst real, independent music people.

What deals and steals are your bringing to the market?

I'd prefer you don't steal anything! There will be quality music, merchandise, and more. Always.


Hospital Records will be at ILM : London at Greenwich Market on Friday the 5th of May


19 Apr 2017  • Independent Label Market: Greenwich